Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

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    With the support of increased corporate purchases, Bitcoin, the largest volume unit of the cryptocurrency markets, which saw a new peak of $ 58,330.57 on February 21, dropped to $ 44,000 with incoming sales, then turned upwards and rose above $ 46,000.

    Bitcoin, which fluctuated between $ 43,241.62 and $ 46,848.02 in the last 24 hours, rose 1.77 percent to $ 46,229.75, while the weekly loss of the unit was calculated as 17.85 percent. The total market volume of bitcoin also rose to $ 861 billion, with an increase of about $ 18 billion.

    The total market volume in all markets rose by $ 36 billion in the last 24 hours to $ 1.41 trillion. With the rapid climb in Bitcoin with the new year, the total market volume exceeded the $ 1.0 trillion mark on January 7 and $ 1.5 trillion on February 15.

    The highest in the last 24 hours, driven by the recovery in the crypto money markets. While the value of 25 units out of 100 volumes was falling, only one of the top 10 units was among those that fell.

    Bitcoin comprised 61.1 percent of the total market volume in 34,946 markets where 8,614 cryptocurrencies were traded. The 24-hour trading volume in all markets increased by $ 7.0 billion to $ 136 billion.

    “Square, one of the companies of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, purchased 3,318 more Bitcoins. The total cost of bitcoins is around $ 170 million. According to the statements made, 5 percent of Square company’s reserves are Bitcoin. Square emphasized in his statement that Bitcoin is a way to secure the future of individuals. MicroStrategy, which sold bonds to buy Bitcoin last week, is also expected to buy Bitcoin soon.

    “The assets it manages are worth 141 billion. The CEO of DoubleLine, who passed the dollar, announced that Bitcoin will recover the economies, not gold or the dollar. As the number of companies adding Bitcoin as a reserve is increasing, investors and managers who were not interested before are also starting to accept the potential of cryptocurrency.

    “State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest public bank, pays It joins JPMorgan’s Blockchain payment network in order to make it efficient. started to use it. “