Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

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    Virtual Reality Version of Kim Kardashian’s +18 Tape Produced. The +18 movie studio produced the virtual reality version of Kim Kardashian’s sexual intercourse footage leaked on the internet years ago.

    Entertainment company Vivid Entertainment has brought a new dimension to the audience’s participation in sexual fantasies using virtual reality headsets. +18 movie viewers will be able to watch a virtual reality-edited version of Kim Kardashian’s notorious sexual intercourse footage from their seats.

    Vivid Entertainment purchased images of Kim Kardashian’s sexual intercourse

    After watching footage of the real Kim Kardashian, a woman who looks like the famous star will enter the image and show off her skills to the audience wearing a virtual reality headgear. Kim Kardashian likeness: “Hi, I like your room. I know you bought the video to see me. Why don’t we play here?” It was recorded that he spoke his words. The video also provided information that the Kim Kardashian lookalike played with various sexual fantasy toys.


    It is not yet clear whether Kim Kardashian has approved the release of this video. Vivid Entertainment purchased images of Kim Kardashian’s sexual intercourse with Ray J., which appeared in 2007, from a third person for $ 1 million. Kardashian sued the company that published these images, and the parties went to an agreement and the famous star received $ 5 million. It is not yet clear whether these last images are included in the agreement.

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